Healing Judgment

 Healing judgment. These are not usually words we put together. Judgment is normally associated with law, fear and processes when things are imposed on us with little or no input by us. Healing on the other hand is much more personal, hopeful and positive. We like the idea of being healed, but we fear the idea of being judged. Yet I am now coming to see that the judgment of God is always for the purpose of potential healing if at all possible, never for the purpose of imposing punishments or for balancing imaginary scales of justice. So how might judgment involve healing? And if this is true, can we come to the place where we might even be eager to be judged instead of being afraid of it? The seeds related to this new idea that were planted in my mind many years ago and that have grown in my understanding involve several passages that long puzzled me. For years they didn't seem to fit anywhere into the theology I learned growing up. Now I realize this is because mainstream theol

Honor my Father

 I just finished a dream about my dad giving a sermon in my church that mentioned briefly principles of love in child training. A news magazine heard about it and wanted us to give them recordings so they could report on it. I was a bit puzzled since he had only referenced in a small way concepts I have been sharing for years. They kept asking dad if he was the elder of our church, but he kept evading the question, which made me wonder a bit, for he no office while I was the head elder. I did not mention anything, but wondered why all of this was happening. I secretly felt that if they had heard me speak on the same principles that they could learn much more than the small notice my dad had mentioned, yet again I said nothing but simply cooperated by trying to figure out how to find a tape recording of his presentation. Yes, its all a bit strange, but that is how dreams are many times. This went on for some time during the night with other scenarios playing into the dream, yet it ke

Repent of Begging

 No longer a beggar. I want to no longer beg and plead with God as if He is reluctant or even recalcitrant to listen to my desires for healing or salvation, either for myself or for others. What does my begging infer about God's heart, when I display the disposition that God has to be persuaded to bless, to heal, to love, to forgive, to feel compassion? The message it sends is that God is a great deal like me – hard-hearted, loath to let go of offenses, demanding satisfaction for debts and administration of execution for unpunished sins before He will relent to release a measured bit of kindness or mercy. What a horrific view of God our prayers often unconsciously project without our even realizing it. Yet its true, and its tragic, and I don't want to continue to imagine that God is like the monster my feelings made Him out to be as a teenager based on how others made Him appear in my imagination. To continue to allow those dark, dungeon-like perceptions of God to still aff