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Does God Kill?

A few thoughts on whether God kills or does not kill and whether He authorizes humans to kill or not.
The relationship often portrayed between God and His law often infers that the Law is somehow more powerful and compelling than God and His own character of love. Because of the obvious dissonance in this view, the definition of love is then broadened expansively to include anything and everything ever attributed to God no matter how contradictory it may be or how demonic it paints God out to be.
The Law, it is insisted, demands punishment of death for all who disobey it in the slightest way. This presumption itself rests on tenuous grounds and flies in the face of human decency and even our demented opinions of justice. This extremely 'high' view of the law as even above God Himself creates the backdrop for all sorts of other illogical doctrines with deep roots in Christianity, but that necessarily deny a Jesus-looking God as being in charge of the universe or overseeing jud…