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For Honor of Muhammad

I was watching the news today reporting on Muslims around the world protesting, many violently, over what they consider to be a blasphemous video about their prophet Mohammad. What they were saying to vindicate their violence in their protests caught my attention. They claimed they are compelled to do these things because they have to honor their prophet. They simply have no other choice.
This got me to thinking about this issue of honor. As I have watched these events transpiring around the world over the past week or so I couldn't help but remember the story of Gideon and his father who seemed to have gotten caught up in a somewhat similar situation as reported in Judges chapter 6.
As with many of the stories in the book of Judges, this one seems to have some strange things about it too. But one thing I have always really liked about it was what Gideon's father said to the men of the city when they launched a violent protest over Gideon tearing down their Baal altar and the…

Character Fireworks

What I am packing into my mind, and particularly what I am filling my heart with by the choices I am making about the inputs I choose to dwell on, are determining the outcome of what will be displayed when the fireworks are set off.
The colors exhibited from various kinds of fireworks munitions are determined by the chemical content of what is packed into them during their assembly. Various chemicals and combinations produce different colors when they are burned. Of course there are also physical functions built into the shells to cause the fireworks to perform in certain acrobatic ways to entertain the crowds. But the colors are determined by the specific chemicals that reliably produce certain burns when ignited. This is very predictable and scientific so that the manufacturers know just what outcomes will be produced by what is packed inside the shells and in what order they will appear.
As I think about this in relation to the stories related to the gospel, it becomes clear that …