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It is starting to appear to me that there are only two classes of people – vulnerable and exploiter.

What I am seeing throughout Scripture are descriptions of various interactions between these two classes and God's revelation of how in the end the vulnerable will win. And when I get to the gospels I discover the most vulnerable person who ever lived.

Of course this is completely backwards to my normal way of thinking, but that is because we live under the systems of power based on the supremacy of the exploiters. But God declares that it is the meek who will inherit (not conquer) the earth. And Revelation is exposing to me how this will all take place.

Let me analyze the relationships between these two classes to see what might emerge.

Exploiter encounters another exploiter and sees a rival to conquer.
Exploiter meets vulnerable and creates a victim.
Vulnerable meets an exploiter and feels fearful (normally).
Vulnerable meets another vulnerable and sees potential friend.

Let me …

Freedom to Die

In the beginning, long before this world was created, there was Love. In this love was intense joy, gladness to be together which is the very definition of joy. One reason that we believe there are three persons in the godhead at the center of this universe is because selfless love inherently requires at least three to allow love to fully exist. The very nature of giving and receiving cannot be fully healthy unless there are three involved, for with only two love has the potential to become self-serving.

True love is naturally expansive, so in order to increase its capacity for joy, Love – the original Three who are the very embodiment of love – began to create other beings so as to make room for the expansion of the joy that they shared with each other. As they created, the very design of all creation had embedded within it the principles reflective of the reality that makes up their love.

These principles that govern how all things operate and interact has one thing in common; th…