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Dream Within a Dream

What does it mean? Or does it mean anything? If anything, I suspect it means that maybe I caught a glimpse into a deeper part of how my heart really feels, of some of its true longings for fulfillment and satisfaction and for assurance that I can really perceive God's will for my life.
Just a few minutes ago I awoke from a very intense dream that riveted my attention. Like most dreams I don't really know actually how long it went on, but the emotions that I felt were both so intense and real and rare that I desperately wish I could remember most of the dream. But as is too often the case I can only remember just a few snitches of it, enough to get some of the layout while losing most of the details.
I am trying to collect the few remaining pieces here before it is completely gone. I am sure that this dream was largely influenced by the long discussion we had with our adopted daughter last night and her intense desire to follow God's will in her life, her longings for a husban…