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Who to Attack

I had a very short but intense dream this morning. But it had a direct message that I am still pondering.
Someone had done something to make me angry at them, but immediately I sensed that I was supposed to vent my anger and blame on God rather than the other person.
When I questioned the validity of this arrangement I heard a voice say, “Get over it. Deal with it. Go ahead and take it out on Jesus. If you doubt that you should do it this way then you are in reality doubting that Jesus died for that person. By His death He took responsibility for their faults. Therefore it is He that is ready to take the heat for their mistakes, for He died to take that for them.”
This idea of directing blame and anger toward Jesus came up a number of months ago and I have had discussions with a few friends about it. It sounds strange, bizarre, almost like blasphemy in a way. But on the other hand it seems to resonate solidly with what I am starting to see as the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe I am n…

Curious Version

I have an earnest question and I am not looking for an argument for an answer. I sincerely want to know the mind of God about this.
What constitutes the Word of God?
I know that we refer to the Bible as the Word of God and I am not in dispute about that. I am not trying to slip in some other writings and give them equal footing with the Scriptures as some may try to do. My question is along a different venue. Let me explain a little more.
I recently listened to a series of sermons concerning the armor of God as described in Ephesians six. I am aware that there is tremendous power and protection and safety in the Word of God which is an important part of this armor. But admittedly there are many different versions and languages, different expressions of the Scriptures with many variations even though most of them generally convey the intent of the original writings. And even what constitutes original writings is under heated dispute on the part of many who are given over to a contentious …