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Whole Treasure of Heaven

Just before I woke up this morning I experienced a most intense dream. Too many times such intensity involves fear that wakes me up full of adrenaline, but this time it was the opposite. I can't remember anything about the circumstances in the dream, only that somehow I suddenly began to perceive the truth about the above quote that has mystified me all my life. Yet as soon as I awakened from the intense emotion this revelation caused in me, I couldn't remember the answer that had just produced that reaction.
As I lay there trying to recapture the lost epiphany praying for God to bring it back to me, I scrambled to recall the phrase or quote that was associated with it. A little later I went looking for it in my computer and this was the closest I could find to what I remember hearing growing up. Although I did begin to perceive an explanation different from what I had previously had about these concepts, I also realize how much I need to become more deeply settled into the t…