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Dominion and the Problem of Vertigo

What is dominion and who exercises it?How is dominion passed to another?What happens when a creature wants to exercise dominion from below upward?These are questions that come to my mind as I have been pondering a teaching by Jim Wilder about this subject recently. I find this very fascinating and helpful in understanding many other issues surrounding our relationship with God and the condition of sin we find ourselves in. And it particularly is helping me to clarify what the real differences are between our relationship with God during Old Testament times and how we relate to Him now in New Testament perspective.I will touch on exploring these questions but also realize that there is much more to unpack here than what I can do right now. But this issue of dominion and its implications is a rather new one for me so I am interested in learning more about it and how it affects my life right now.Dominion and authority seem to be very closely tied together. It is also linked to the words