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Voice Recognition Training

God speaks primarily through the small voice, the conscience voice. He doesn't like using the loud voice because it confuses us. And besides, that kind of voice is far too easy to counterfeit.

With the Children of Israel who had just come out of Egypt, God's quiet voice was not listened to even though undoubtedly that small voice was speaking with them all along. His small voice is the one that points out and reminds us of the evidences about God all around us, evidences that Paul spoke of in Romans 1:19-20, evidence of the invisible attributes of God that can be discerned in visible creation.

Israel had a history of providences in the lives of their forefathers that revealed how God felt about them. Yet because they had become so conditioned to only listen to loud voices, threatening voices, demanding voices and selfish voices, their ears and hearts had largely become unable to discern the truth about God even when confronted with some of the most spectacular demonstration…