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These LIttle Ones

For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost. (Matthew 18:11)
What does it mean to be lost? How does being lost come to be? What descriptions can be found in this context that give clues about this?
One sheep goes astray, is separated from the rest of the herd and the Shepherd. (v. 12)
Implied: Offending “one of these little ones” – better to drown with a rock around your neck. (v. 6) Implied: Preferring to keep a hand or foot that causes offense resulting in being cast into the eternal fire. (v. 8) Implied: Preferring to keep an eyeball that causes offense resulting in being cast into fiery hell. (v. 9)
Despising “one of these little ones”. (v. 10)
Implied: “One of these little ones” perishing because of an offense. (v. 14)
A brother (part of the herd of the shepherd) sins and disconnects from the rest of the group. (v. 15) This brother has likely been offended and is resistant to returning or reconciling with you. (v. 15) This brother refuses to listen and reenter the…