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Exposing False gods

A god is the source from which we get our sense of identity and worth and value. In addition, our god will become our mentor which will shape what our character becomes like. Our concept of our God becomes the model, the template that determines and forms how we relate to others as well.

It is very easy to be confused about the identity of our gods. A person who claims to be a Christian will sometimes have the most difficult time becoming aware of the many gods in their life because of the Law's requirement that there be only one God for them. As a result people will believe that they worship only one God while in fact they are depending on many gods without being aware of it. This makes it very difficult to renounce other gods because they tend to remain largely obscured from consciousness.

I believe it might be much easier to unmask the many gods that we in fact do worship if we honestly applied the above definitions to help expose them in our own lives. If I can be honest enou…