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How Bad is God?

What does my anxiety reveal about the beliefs deep in my heart?
What do I really think about God and His plans for me and His treatment of me?
How do I interpret past painful experiences to define how God treats me and feels about me?
What do I believe is the core issue involving the great struggle between good and evil? Is it about me, my sinful condition, my salvation, my perfection, my deliverance, getting me into Paradise? Or is there something vastly more important at stake?
These may sound like just so many philosophical questions. But in truth many of them lie at the foundation of everything that forms each person's perception of reality. And more importantly they give strong indication of the direction in which a person is moving as far as what they believe are the goals they need to strive for, the issues they seek to resolve, the problems that need to be overcome.
I am struggling to perceive reality each day a little more accurately than I have in the past. That means that I …