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I Am Gloves

I am a glove. No, I am two gloves, both a left and a right. I was designed by God to be this way as He made my brain and body to have two unique and somewhat distinct differences between my left and my right. And while most of my body is quite similar and mostly balanced between my left and right sides, my right brain and my heart and very closely linked together in much more intimate ways than even scientists yet understand very well.

My left brain that controls the right side of my body is primarily the intellectual part of me, the logical thinking, formula-addicted, information-oriented side of my being. But it is still in reality quite powerless to produce the kind of life that will make me acceptable to live in paradise with perfect people, angels and the presence of God. No matter how hard I try to achieve holiness, righteousness and perfection using my knowledge and craming my head full of truthful information and trying to control my actions and thoughts with all of these reso…