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What is Glory?

What is glory? That is a question I have been asking nearly all my life. Yet I still feel I am only scratching the surface in discovering a satisfactory answer to this question.
Initially when I was young, the notion of glory was typically associated with something like a halo or a bright light surrounding a person's head or body. I'm sure this was heavily influenced by artwork used to illustrate stories like Jesus being glorified on the Mount of Transfiguration where certainly bright light was involved. There are the horrible pictures from medieval ages where Jesus and various 'saints' are depicted with some sort of pious halo of light around their head. I never found any of those pictures attractive in the least, but clearly these artificial halos were intended to convey the idea of holiness about a person (whatever that was supposed to mean).
As I grew older and learned more and more theology from instruction throughout my entire educational life as a student, I wa…