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Intro to Worms and Fire

I recently received a request to explore a subject that I have devoted a whole web site to but is still largely unfinished. This request came in a comment on a recent post from a good friend of mine that has a real heart to know God much better. That kind of spirit really warms my heart and challenges me to respond by taking a much closer look at the passages that he refers to in his comment.
Following is part of his comment and then the letter that I have just sent in partial response to his questions. I invite anyone interested in this quest to join us in exploring vital themes that will challenge many assumptions that we have had about God that have darkened views of Him for centuries.

Will you please explain your understanding of the verses that say things like "their fire never goes out and their worm never dies.", etc. These are the verses that are usually understood to talk of eternal suffering, etc. It would be good to examine them directly and in context.
The Spirit …