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God's Jazz Band

The word ecstasy comes to mind. Yet words alone miserably fail to even begin to adequately convey the experience, the emotion, the joy. Translating such things into words cheapens and diminishes the expansiveness of what the heart is designed to do with great ease. Yet words – the product of left-brain translation of realities only perceivable by the right-brain – do at times help to capture for more permanent record and recall, things that may easily evaporate and disappear if not otherwise recorded in some fashion.

But words are terrible and ugly and crude when compared to what the heart knows to be real and true. On the other hand, music is a far better medium for conveying such experience. Of course, composing music is also severely limited in most of us. But still, that is why God designed our brains to be able to listen with our right brain and understand the message of words when they are conveyed with music. This is the interesting exception for words in the right brain, for…