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Law of Kindness

I want to be mentored and learn more about this thing called the law of kindness. There are repeated times when I am confronted by the fact that even though the information that I want to share with others may be ever so correct and needed, my lack of a spirit of kindness, gentleness and caring causes many to discount or even resent what it is that I am trying to convey.I could easily launch into a long explanation of why I am this way at this point in my life. I could rehash the lack of examples in my life, the effects of legalism, the empty, aching chasms inside my emotional makeup that cause me to unconsciously be too forceful in my dealings with others. But I have done that for years and it does little but to educate me as to where some of the roots of my problems stem from.But what I really want and need is a radically new perspective, new motives, increased passion for caring about other people's hearts and more sensitivity. As I describe all of these things they sound very …