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Is God's Influence Not Enough?

I read a comment yesterday by an active 'theologian' insisting that it is not enough to believe and teach the truth about our God as non-violent, who forgives and loves unconditionally and that He demonstrated that effectively at the cross. We must also embrace the truth that it is necessary that our own lives become like that ourselves by being transformed from the inside out. We must also be careful to teach that believing in such a God does not preclude the fact that many are going to be lost and will suffer terribly from the results of sin if they do not repent and turn to be healed by God. At least that is the gist of what I remember getting from his comments.
While in principle I am not disagreeing with any of his points, I find something still slightly dissonant in this line of logic. As I was waking up this morning, the thought suddenly struck me that one of our penchants has long been to try to segregate aspects of God's truth/character into seemingly opposing fa…

Where is My Faith?

Where is my faith? What am I using as soil into which I push roots to hold my faith secure?
In my ability to interpret prophecy more 'accurately' than others? In things I want God to do for me when I ask Him? In plans I want to believe God has for me to work for Him? In the Torah? In my growing 'security blanket' of righteous living? In my superior insights into what I think God requires of those who are to be saved? In my advanced knowledge of the Scriptures? In my inside information of current last-day developments in the world? In the affirmations of spiritual people's reactions to my expostulations on the Word? In my ability to impress people to draw out of them expressions that make me feel more valuable?
If my faith/trust/belief (all the same term in the original) is prioritized in any way that does not have the Heart of the Father as revealed in the Heart of the Son as my highest, most intimate source of security, then I have a misplaced faith. If I allow d…