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I sometimes hear people talk about their intention to stand up for God, to be jealous for His reputation. But then I begin to wonder sometimes if they are actually jealous for God or jealous about their own version of God. I think this partly depends on our definition of jealousy and very much on how we perceive God.
I have wondered at times how much I am supposed to come to the defense of God's reputation. Or maybe the question should be more along the lines of, in what way do I seek to defend God's reputation. Of course involved in that would be which reputation I might have in mind to defend, for most versions of God I have heard about I would have no interest in defending.
I recently read a short piece about God's jealousy and how it is different than what we typically think of when we use that word. Our jealousy is very often selfish in nature. We become jealous of what someone else has or receives what we want for ourselves. Often in acting out our jealousy we are t…