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Problems with Knowledge

I had a strange dream last night that got me to thinking about the problems with knowledge. It is easy to slip into the subtle trap of desiring knowledge so much that it feeds a spirit of independence at the expense of relationships. When I start to think of knowledge as a way to leverage myself into independence from God, then knowledge turns into a curse for me.
God is the source of all knowledge and has no problem whatsoever sharing that knowledge with me as long as it doesn't work to deteriorate or undermine our growing friendship. He knows that anything that detracts from our friendship will also result in the erosion of life for me, so in love He measures out to me only the amount of knowledge that that I can handle that won't weaken my dependence on Him. There is a certain exhilaration in gaining knowledge. This is not at all bad if it is couched in the context of enhancing the joy of healthy relationships. But knowledge outside of an intimate relationship fosters inde…