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Terrifying Expectation

Yesterday I happened across a sermon on satellite that really caught my attention. I was alerted to some things I had overlooked in Hebrews 10 as some of the verses found there have been quite troubling for some. We have taken time to explore the context and to unpack somewhat the verses that at first seemed so threatening. But as I perused this chapter more carefully this morning I was amazed at how much I have still been missing. In fact, the maze of close links and revealing connections between verses throughout this section of Hebrews is so amazing I decided to attempt to put some of them in a chart to highlight the specific points that began pouring out of my study.
If you want some real spiritual stimulation, encouragement and potential growth, take some time (maybe with a few friends to make it even better) to carefully comb through these verses and surrounding chapters to discover important things vital for preparing us to live in the terrifying fiery presence of Almighty God…