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Identity. What is it? What is it composed of? Is it right or wrong or is it amoral, neutral? What does it mean to be 'in Christ'? How does this affect my identity? Totally? Partially? Not at all?
Identity seems to be composed primarily of two elements: character and personality. Character is largely if not entirely, having to do with moral traits. Personality has to do with amoral traits, the uniqueness of how I relate to others that distinguishes me from other people. Personality is not right or wrong, it is just the inherent and creative part of me that makes me special and different from others, the way in which I contribute to the diversity of the groups in which I participate. Character on the other hand is made up of the moral fiber that is revealed during times of testing, temptation and stress. It is built over time through repeated choices I make, the thoughts I choose to dwell on, the atmosphere with which I surround myself that affects what is encouraged inside of me and t…

Unpacking Condemnation

Condemnation. What is it really? Condemnation involves shame, stripping one of value, considering them worthy of punishment. When I feel a sense of condemnation, where is it really coming from? I often assume that God is the one condemning me, but that cannot be true because of what He has said. However, that does not prevent me from still feeling that in my heart. But if it really is not coming from God, then what other sources might be producing this very troubling feeling? Sometimes I feel condemned by others. That can be a source of these feelings. However again, condemnation is a feeling inside of me and no one can really make me feel something. Feelings always originate from something I believe myself. So if others are the source of my feelings of condemnation then it reveals that I am believing something in myself about what others are saying or doing that reacts inside of me to create this feeling. Also, if others are the source of my condemnation then to the extent I allow others t…