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We Have a Law

I just read an article that really resonated with me about issues involved with a need to be right. It resonates because I was brought up with this very perspective, that being right far outweighed anything else. To be more compassionate or loving was always secondary, subordinated to first being right. If I did not believe the right doctrines and do the right things, then it mattered little how kind I was, for God's highest priority from our narrow view, was knowing the right answers and to keep the rules.
In a context of religious fever for 'having the truth,' a relationship with God meant aligning our beliefs and behavior to follow exactly what was taught by reliable instructors practiced in religion and experts who could line up Bible verses and inspired quotations to prove what was right (1 Thess. 5:21). With sufficient proofs in place, questions were tolerated at best but discouraged much of the time. To raise questions about reasons for obedience was to invite bein…