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Reconciliation or Appeasement

Appeasement is a counterfeit of reconciliation.
Appeasement denotes an abuser/victim relationship where the victim is expected to satisfy the selfish demands of the abuser by paying whatever is demanded in order to 'repair' the relationship.
Reconciliation is the restoration of a relationship of mutual respect, honor and love, a relationship where both feel completely safe from any exploitation from the other.
When Jesus said He sanctified Himself, it meant that He made Himself totally safe so that any human being could trust Him to be safe enough to approach God without fear of being exploited, censured, shamed or rejected.
When Jesus said that to become His disciple we must deny ourself, take up our cross and follow Him, He was explaining that the way to achieve restoration of wholeness in relationship is to deny our own urges to exploit and choose rather to become vulnerable, following the example of Jesus in making ourself safe like God is safe, even to the point of layin…