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Jesus' New Order

Jesus absorbed every single human being into Himself on the cross to create a new race of creatures in His image. After the humans did everything they could think of to torment and tempt Him to become angry, resentful and ungodly, the demons continued the attack unseen inside of Him and God allowed the history of every human being who ever or would ever live to pass into Jesus the consequences of all their sins. Thus Jesus took into Himself the full brunt of all the sins of the world and experienced the wages of sin. He absorbed the full emotional pain that each of us feels at a microscopic level even though just our own can overwhelm us.
This is why it required no less than God Himself to be able to accomplish such a feat. For an angel or any created being could never have the capacity of forgiveness and love and compassion to finish absorbing such an enormous debt without cracking under the strain and throwing in the towel. Only God Himself had a large enough capacity and the inten…