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Any Other Direction

As I was driving to work yesterday I was feeling a little blah. That is not all that unusual, but recently I have been trying to be more aware of my emotions to be alert as to when I might be in increased danger of slipping away from my privilege of living consciously in God's presence with me. I don't want to become obsessive about my emotions, but I think it is healthy to learn to keep a pulse on the condition of my spirit so as to be alert when warning signs develop of potential problems that could be avoided simply by paying more attention to what is going on both inside and outside.
Anyway, enough of that introspection for now. The point I started out wanting to say was that as I intentionally chose to turn my thoughts to paying attention to whatever God might want to share with me, a new awareness came over me of something I had not thought about before. This concept is an emergence of various things I have been contemplating and things I have been studying and learning…