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Toward Reconciliation

I have been caught in the middle of a storm of conflict over the past few weeks that came to a head last weekend. The storm is far from over, but I knew that it likely was going to have to explode out into the open as it has done. I just did not know what it would like like when it would happen, but it is necessary for the true motives and spirit of the people involved to be flushed into the open instead of remaining hidden as they have been for many years. It is necessary for this to happen because nothing can really improve until this level of honesty about both the good and the evil is reached. This time of real judgment, when the secret motives and intents of the hearts of many are exposed, is a turning point from which real growth, accountability and new life can begin to emerge if we are willing to embrace this unique opportunity.
When I opened my devotional book this morning and read the text for today, I was strongly impressed that it is vital that I keep a right spirit through…