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Dark Speech

God created man in his own image. In God's image he created him. (Genesis 1:27) So what are we reflecting?
I am coming to see more clearly that the content of our comments, our thoughts and reactions, what circulates in our imagination – all these direct the flow and direction of the development of our disposition, which in turn affects our feelings, choices, habits and finally determines our character. Thus our disposition strongly affects how our mind interprets every circumstance and has a direct bearing on the course of our life resulting in either stronger or weaker character.
If my self-talk and/or my default attitudes about circumstances when talking casually with others is negative, disparaging or dwells on negative things or feelings, that affects the way I will feel about how God views me and relates to me. By allowing negativity to reign in my thinking, that same negativity becomes the filter through which I perceive how God relates to me, and my expectations for evil a…