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Rescuing Refugees

Context for this story: A two-tiered society composed of monarchy with a separate civil government elected by the people. In this case the monarchy is totally benevolent in every way, yet the people of the country entertain growing doubts about the wisdom of some of the activities of the members of the monarchy. Tension is developing as an undercurrent is growing to throw off the outdated system and streamline government more in line with the rest of the world.
Originally the system was designed so that the civil government was supposed to reflect in its posture to the surrounding countries the benevolence of the monarchy. The plan was that as more and more foreign countries would become enamored and attracted by the happiness and freedom enjoyed by the citizens of this country that they would petition to come under the authority of same monarchy and thus expand the realm until the entire world would be under the authority of the beneficent Queen.
But instead of fulfilling this origi…