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Boldness or Rebellion

Rebellion is a counterfeit of holy boldness.When I sometimes feel bold in the Lord the temptation often comes in to derail that boldness with independence and pride. I feel like wanting to take some of the credit for the wisdom flowing through me or for some of the results of what God is accomplishing in someone else's life through my ministry to them.Satan is quick to accuse me of acting in rebellion instead of in genuine care for someone else. Then it is so easy to believe that my motives may in fact be partly rooted in my longtime spirit of rebellion. There is always the presence of selfishness in my heart from my fallen nature. Its very presence gives credence to the accusations of Satan about why I am doing things, especially for God.Can I have two opposite motives for doing the same thing, one from my selfish nature and another from God's Spirit working in me? Or does it always have to be exclusive as far as motives go? I think there may be a deception in here that keeps…