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Fresh Hebrews

I want to begin to peruse the book of Hebrews, God willing, and observe if indeed this is an exposé of the transition whereby Jesus took over the position as representative of this world and refuted Satan's claim to that title. I begin by looking for clues in the first chapter.
God appointed His Son heir of all things, through whom also He made the world. (1-2)
Satan evidently had laid claim to ownership of this planet because of the deal he had made with Adam transferring dominion to himself. But as we will likely see, Jesus contests every detail of Satan's claims to this world and exposes it all as being based on fraud and deception. Because it is a principle of law that any transaction based on fraud is null and void, Jesus is intent on exposing the fraud perpetrated on humanity by the deceptions of Satan and thereby empowering God to nullify the authenticity of the original agreement whereby we were trapped into Satan's slavery.
I am reminded in this verse of the story…

A Fresh Paradigm

The more that I learn about the truth of how Jesus took over the role of representing this world before the universe to displace Satan's assertion of authority here, the more insights I am starting to see throughout Scripture. I am starting to understand that maybe Hebrews could be an explicit exposé on this very topic and we have missed it because of our dim perceptions of this central theme. I would like to explore this book from this perspective and see what connections may begin to become clear.
Just from a cursory look at the first chapter there are many clues that seem to jump out at me. Maybe listing them as they come to my attention will open the doors to discover many more things. And these insights are not just intellectual exercises but rather are parts of the puzzle that unveil the picture of reality like most have never thought about before but that is true nonetheless.
Grasping a correct 'big picture' of what is really going on instead of the human-centered …