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The Great Brownout

When the lights suddenly go dim, we know it is may be due to something we call a brownout. That is usually caused by something drawing so much current that everything else does not have sufficient power to operate normally.
Typically this is not because the power company is not producing enough power. Rather it is limited by the capacity of the conductors to provide us enough power to run everything at the same time.
I have been thinking of this as a parallel to what happened at the cross with interesting implications.
When this world fell into sin we experienced a power vacuum, power being life itself. Over the centuries death and sin progressively increased and saturated the minds and hearts of humanity. It had already begun affecting the disposition of the onlooking universe and as they watched sin deepen on this planet it continued to affect them. The need for vital reconnection to the only Source of power in the universe became urgent if there was to be any hope of survival of t…