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God stands with us in solidarity when we are abused. He says that He identifies with the weak, the exploited, the poor, the disadvantaged, the abused, the helpless, the victims.

This gives us hope, at least when we believe we should be identified as being in at least one of these categories. But then a problem arises. What do we believe solidarity should involve? How do we want to be defended? What do we actually have in mind, what do we want to see happen when the Almighty, most powerful being of the entire universe chooses to identify as one of us, the disadvantaged and abused?

As we encounter the radical teachings of Jesus relating to how we are to relate to our abusers, do we begin feeling uncomfortable with how God intends to defend us? Do we prefer that He come to our rescue in forceful ways rather than the apparently weak ways that Jesus used when He was here on earth? Do our own desires for revenge, for settling old scores, for getting even with our exploiters start to make…

Whoever Believes

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Unlike many Christians who are so fond of this most famous verse in the Bible, I have struggled all my life to make this text connect for me meaningfully. As a result I have felt like an inferior Christian, almost a turncoat in the midst of so many who seem to have a better appreciation for God than I seem capable of feeling. I have tried for years to grasp the true meaning of this verse only to repeatedly have compulsive questions and doubts spring up in my heart that challenge the meaning of this verse. I can see that many of these doubts emanate from my early years of living with hidden inner terror of God.

A number of years ago when I first was introduced to the method of inductive Bible study which revolutionized and revitalized my personal times of devotion with God, one of the first passages I chose to explore for myself was the con…