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Thank Me Regardless

I am recording notes from what feels like the front lines of my training boot camp, if there is such a mix of metaphors. There is no doubt God is training me in lessons of faith, not only by considering the circumstances surrounding me presently but because I have repeatedly asked Him to do so. I do not want negative thinking to continue to infect and inhibit my growing faith and trust in Him, so I am trying to pay more attention to the constant messages He sends me and apply them to my own thinking and spirit.
One concept that keeps asserting itself in my mind is the idea of context. I have learned how vitally important context is to properly understand and apply the Word of God. But now He is reminding me that in a very powerful and life-changing way, each one of us shapes the context of our perception of reality in which our relationship with Him is shaped. I am coming to realize more clearly that the fundamental problem all of us have to deal with is our perception of God – every…