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Is it wrong to be vulnerable? Your reaction to that will reveal some basic assumptions about which system of society you embrace.
True love requires openness, transparency, vulnerability at a very deep and intimate level. To put up barriers to protect your own vulnerability is to pull back from allowing love into your heart.
Any system that discourages vulnerability is a system or society based on the wrong DNA.
To be vulnerable is not the problem from heaven's viewpoint. The problem is with those who exploit vulnerability. The Bible speaks of this as taking advantage of nakedness. You see, in the Bible being naked or vulnerable is not the problem so much as those who take advantage of other's nakedness and vulnerability. One who is vulnerable may not be physically naked at all, and most often is not. But in heaven's eyes the great sin is exploiting anyone's vulnerability; for to exploit someone, to take advantage of another's weakness and vulnerability lies at th…

DVA Testing

Science has come a very long ways in recent years in the study of DNA and has developed tests by which all sorts of things can now be accurately identified using DNA testing. Amazingly even very old tissue from bones or hair can be DNA tested and compared with descendants generations later to determine if they are related to people living today. But have you ever considered that there might be a way to test spiritual fruit to determine if it came from the Tree of Life or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?
I am starting to sense that very possibly God may want us to test DNA of current fruit to identify which Tree it descended from. And one way that occurred to me that we might test ideas is by asking two simple questions: Is it life-giving only? Or does it operate on the dualism principle of Good and Evil?
You can argue all you want in favor of the dualistic system and convince yourself or others that it is of heavenly origin. But there is only one representative Tree that s…