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NDE and God's Goodness

NDE – Near Death Experiences. They have become very popular among Christians wanting to prove that people live on after death as so many intently want to believe. The stories that people relay after experiencing close encounters with death appear to reinforce this false belief first purported by Satan the snake and very much in vogue today.
There is a story in the Bible that seems full of NDE's. Time after time throughout the story people – even animals and plants come face to face with death. It is the story of Jonah, the famous fish man who took the first amphibious submarine ride. First the ship and crew he employed to help him escape from God's call in his life nearly sank during an angry storm until they relented to Jonah's suggestion to throw him overboard to save themselves. Upon taking him up on his suggestion and sacrificing him to the sea, the storm miraculously stopped almost instantly affirming Jonah's version of why it had happened to begin with. The ship…