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Kicking But

John could really kick butts. But after hanging around Jesus for a few years he learned to kick buts.
Do I need to explain? Probably so.

We are told that John and his brother had a real reputation when they first hooked up with Jesus. They had been nick-named 'Sons of Thunder' and most people assume (safely I would expect) that it was because they were known for getting angry at others rather easily. Given today's culture of giving honor to people who can get angry and effectively get their way by physically tearing into others (at least in the movies), if John and James had been around today I strongly suspect that they might have become movie stars. In some people's vernacular they would have been known as really being able to 'kick butts' around using excessive force to settle a score or get their own way.

But something unusual happened on the way home after work one day when a most unusual man showed up on their job site where they were laying out thing…