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Atonement Birthday

Atonement birthday. Now what might that mean?
It is quite feasible that Jesus was born on the Day of Atonement. If God's timing is tight, and it often tends to come out that way, then it would be very possible that this was the case, for the Day of Atonement was half a year before Passover, and clearly it was on Passover that Jesus died. Since prophecy predicted that Jesus would die in the middle of a prophetic week, meaning three and a half years after starting His ministry, and given that He was thirty years old when He began that ministry, that would place His date of birth at thirty three and a half years before the Passover on which He died, which would be very close to the Day of Atonement.
When this idea came up in a discussion today, it suddenly struck me how highly significant this is and the implications it has to undermine rampant false notions surrounding many proposed reasons for Jesus' death. Most people tend to assume that it was the death of Jesus that was req…