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Fighting Fire with Fire

I have been reading a lot of reports and watching stories about the horrific fires taking place on the West coast recently. I have also been noticing the psychological effect these stories can have on me and have been contemplating how I should relate to this.
Is it wrong or dangerous to overfill my mind with so much fear that is unavoidable aroused from having such scenes imprinted into my memory and imagination while I watch videos of houses bursting into uncontrollable flames or read stories of people traumatized by heat so intense their shoes are melting? I find myself waking up in the middle of the night because I cannot help but identity with what it must feel like to be trapped inside a burning vehicle and to experience the searing pain of your body succumbing to being burned alive. Even writing these words makes me squirm to say the least, and part of me insists that it is not right for me to dwell on such horrors anymore than it would be healthy for me to watch horror movies…