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We are expected to depend on lawyers as our substitute to represent and save us in court. So we look for people with the most expertise and inside connections that we hope can be trusted to represent our case before hostile accusers, witnesses and a stern judge.
We know that the most important skill of a successful lawyer is not their ability to discern and expose the truth about us in order to achieve a fair outcome of judgment. Rather, we depend on our lawyers to have the most cunning to use procedural techniques to manipulate the court to to bring about a favorable outcome for us at the expense of the opposition. In short we depend on the performance skills of our lawyer to save us, placing more emphasis on skill of subtlety than on integrity or relationship.
This means that our interest in having a relationship with our lawyer lasts only as long as we need them to win our case. As soon as our case is won (or lost), we have little interest in maintaining any contact with our lawy…