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Into My Heart

Think about this scenario. Imagine I am a young man hungry to have someone with whom I can share affection. One day an attractive young woman catches my eye. She is not only pretty but has a very pleasant personality. Just the kind of person I want in my life, I decide. So I begin planning ways of trying to let her know I am interested in her hoping she will be willing to take an interest in me.
Time passes as incidental encounters are leveraged to convey messages that there is desire on my part to be more than just a stranger to her. Fortunately she does not write me off, but neither does she open up easily to make herself available. Most likely she is doing her own due diligence to find out more about me, asking others who know me what kind of person I am and studying me from a distance. There is no shortage of men looking for cheap thrills at the expense of a pretty girl, and she has no intention of becoming another trophy for some guy's short-term plans. She wants someone who…