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Read it Backwards

The best way to clarify and discern the truth about the big picture revealed in Scripture may be to read the Bible backwards. Instead of traveling the path by starting near the beginning where much of the confusion originated, struggling through the dark views of God and religion that have hampered humanities ability to discern God correctly and from which most of the lies about Him were developed, why not start with the end of the book where most of the answers are provided and then work backwards to see how these answers address the dark questions?
We find that the hero in Revelation is a violently-slaughtered Lamb who wins by laying aside His rights and privileges and even His life, but in so doing He earns the respect of all heaven and receives authority over heaven and earth. In the epistles of John we discover very condensed and intense descriptions of the truth about God, about our own condition and what is needed to reconcile and restore us back to our original design …