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Formulas or Friends

Is my pursuit of meaning and fulfillment in life centered on uncovering just the right mix of religious and secular life? Do I find myself trying to learn enough answers to religious questions that I will finally figure out enough of them to pass some test and get into heaven?
Am I combing inspired literature so that I can know what God expects of me, so that He will accept and bless me and give me His approbation? Am I trying to pressure those around me to conform to the routines of worship that I believe are the ones most appreciated by God? Is my life, my heart, primarily motivated by fear of offending God because I am not kneeling at the right time, using the right language or phrases, dressing the right way, eating – or not eating – the correct foods, performing the right ceremonies etcetera?
If I find myself with those around me in tune with these kinds of questions and obsessions, then it is very likely that my fundamental belief is that life is all about getting just the right f…