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Spiritual Autoimmune Disorder

Spiritual Autoimmune Disorder – SAD
Humans are designed for joy. That is supposed to be our default mode of living, feeling and thinking. When the default mode becomes infected with resistance to joy, resistance to accepting and giving love and valuing others more than myself, then I become sick with a spiritual autoimmune disorder that predisposes me to feel torture in the presence of God, because He is the origin of all love and joy.
What kind of symptoms provide indications this serious condition?
A spirit of criticism, compulsively looking for faults in others which exacerbates this condition. Allowing negative scenarios to be the default reaction to problems strengthening this disorder. Suspicion and obsessive fear of being deceived is a strong indication of this malady. Viewing people who are full of joy as a threat rather than a sign of life. This is a strong clue that one has already been deeply infected with this virus.
Saul of Tarsus was infected with this autoimmune sickne…