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Commerce Roots

Why didn't God just dispense with Lucifer when he first started to sin so as to avoid all the pain and suffering caused by Lucifer since then?
This is an extremely important question, yet it requires some appreciation of a much larger context in order to discover answers that make sense. One of the most important questions that must be addressed for the larger perspective is this: What is the nature of love itself?
Here are additional questions that tie into grappling with this serious issue: Is love consistent no matter what happens? Or will agape love ever be willing to resort to using force if it comes under threat? Is agape love unconditional, or is it only for those who deserve it or can somehow earn it? Is it even possible for love to be earned?
Here's some more relevant questions. If I do something good, like cooperating with God by blessing others with what He has given to me, do I somehow earn favor with Him? Is it possible to ingratiate myself with God, to get on Hi…