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Relating to Buzz

I can see that God is not done with me yet. No big surprise there. Yesterday I wrote about being blindsided by a man who seems to thrive on throwing his weight around telling others what they are supposed to be doing every chance he gets. He seems to have little idea of what tact is and has hurt people deeply more than once with his rough ways.
But God seems to be intent on using this man to teach me my own lessons. He uses this man to trigger me in ways that touch some of the sorest areas of my heart. Of course my natural reaction is to become very defensive, to protect my feelings and reputation and to want to point the finger at other people's faults, particularly those of the ones attacking me.
But God is not letting me get by with this. He convicts me very quickly that this is not the example that I am to give of what godliness looks like. And again this morning He addressed this issue from the writings of Oswald Chambers, written decades ago but specifically targeted for this …