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What About Eve?

I have wondered all of my life what might have happened if Adam had chosen to not accept the temptation to sin when Eve offered him the fruit. It was possible after all, and it even can be instructive for situations today when we are tempted in certain ways. It was not inevitable that Adam had to sin; he did have a choice after all. He didn't have to distrust God just because Eve had been deceived and was offering him a temptation to join her in disobedience.What usually turns up in most discussions on this topic is the assumption that most likely Eve would have had to die if Adam had chosen not to join her in sin. Based on this assumption, which I am rather certain was what Adam was also thinking, the argument usually takes on the nature of Adam's wrestling with the fear that the love of his life would be lost to him forever and that such a choice was simply to overwhelming for him to seriously consider. His attraction to Eve and her overwhelming beauty simply became more val…