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Badges of Betrayal

There is a time coming soon when many things we now view as signs of honor will suddenly be seen, in new perspective caused by the light of heaven, as actually badges of betrayal. Peter and the other disciples experienced this at the end of Jesus' life. They were all confident that their intense sense of loyalty to Jesus was something to be honored, and even though Jesus tried to awaken them to their real problem it was in vain. So Peter ended up experiencing a great public embarrassment by denying that he even knew Jesus, the very opposite of what he intended to do.
I suspect that most of us may well be in a similar situation to that of Peter and the others today. We may feel confident that we are on the right side, that we have the truth and there is little more for us to learn other than maybe more discipline for stricter obedience or more fervor to face a coming crisis. Yet like Peter we are poised to have a great fall. But it need not be that way for there is still opportuni…