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Who's the Abuser?

I am finally sensing that maybe I am beginning to catch glimpses of the real meaning of the cross of Christ for the first time in my life. I hesitate to say this sensing that the enormity of its true implications are still so far beyond my ability to even imagine that it might be arrogant to claim such a thing. But at the same time, what I am now learning is not only perfectly fitting together with all the fundamental facts and insights that God has been showing me from His Word for decades now, but more importantly my heart, the true object of interest by the One who hung on that cross, is finally beginning to respond positively to the latest explanations of how the cross should be interpreted.
I just read a few minutes ago another vital truth about the role of God at the cross in relation to those who put His Son to death. “Our real problem is not the lack of depth in our thinking, but the lack of depth in our character. ...We fail to comprehend such sacrificial love because it far…

My Christian Watch

You might be surprised to hear that I have a Christian watch. But its true – I just realized it this morning. How can a watch be Christian you might ask? Good question. I love good questions. Let me try to explain.
My watch relies completely on the sun for all of its power, a resource outside of itself. And although it does have some kind of battery inside I suppose, it is not the kind that you must change when it runs out of energy. It uses some sort of solar collection system to re-energize its storage unit so that in fact for a number of years now the measurement indicator on the face telling me how much internal energy it has stored up is almost always maxed out. Even after many long dark days of winter it tells me that it has plenty of energy to keep going faithfully, serving me almost 24/7 to reliably tell me what time it is. Why almost? More on that later.
It is versatile. My watch is one of those fancy digital, new-fangled contraptions that not only tells me what time of day …