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Authority and Debt Collection

For about the past week I have been challenged to wrestle with the issue of authority. For most of my life I have had real conflicts with authority which have embedded powerful triggers deep in my psyche that have caused problems at times. Abuse of authority early on and dark pictures of God and His attitude towards me led me to assume many things that have both kept me afraid and also created deep seeds of rebellion that have shaped much of my life over the ensuing years.
For about a week I have been recording insights that keep coming to me regarding this issue of authority. I am coming to see more clearly distinct differences between the counterfeit ideas and practice of authority compared to what I believe is God's version and exercise of true authority. Some of these insights have come as a surprise to me, but they are also bringing relief and are having the effect of disarming some of the feelings of rebellion and fear that have long laid latent buried in my memories and su…